Return policy

The description of the purchased item was described by us as precisely as possible on our webshop site. Normal minor minor age wear must be accepted and is no reason for return. Always read the description carefully and look at the photos carefully. Invisible defects on photos are mentioned in the description. Please always check the dimensions carefully. A signed receipt without comments on the packaging means a good receipt of the purchased item.

Take-back of paid items is possible for a period of two weeks (14 days) after receipt of the item. You must notify me within 72 hours, either by email or by telephone, within three days of receipt. Please always take photos if packaging and / or the object were presented damaged. Please always ask the supplier for a delivery certificate and, in case of damage, a description of the damaged collie. Damage that occurred during the shipment or loss of the purchased item or delay in delivery must be recovered from Bpost or DHL depending on the company used. Nor will the purchased items be taken back and refunded if the delivery was made to an address other than the one you provided yourself and which is stated as such on our shipping label.

Our approval for return and refund is always required. A well-formulated argued credible reason and good photo should be sent to us via email. Refunds are only possible when the item is shipped by the buyer in its original condition and when carefully packed, with the tracking number and shipping company to be notified to us by email. The return shipping costs must be paid by the buyer. In the event of a refund, only the selling price of the purchased item will be refunded, not the shipping cost. In the event of a refund, a restocking cost of 10% is charged. Exchange of the returned object by another object with the same value is possible by mutual agreement. In that case, shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

I don’t respond to blackmail and aggressiveness. A human error is always possible. Mutual respect seems appropriate to me.

Anyway thank you and enjoy your purchase.