Guiette René (1893-1976), Belgium, mixed media gouache on paper, “House in a landscape”, signed and dated 25.05.51.
Guiette René (1893-1976), Belgium, mixed media gouache on paper, “House in a landscape”, signed and dated 25.05.51.

Guiette René, gouache on paper, “House in a landscape, 1951.

L 50 cm W 40 cm without frame


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René Emile Etienne Guiette was born in Antwerp in 1893 and died in Wilrijk in 1976. He studied oriental philology and often lived in Paris. His style transitions from Expressionism to Cubism and Post-Cubism and finally to Eastern-inspired abstract art. His work sometimes leans towards art brut, sometimes towards a more meditative style. In the period 1945-1955 Guiette goes in search of the elemental and the mystery. He wanted to recover the mystery and magic of creatures and things through a much more primitive suggestive figuration. The deformations that characterize his work from then on are certainly related to his admiration of tribal art. He wanted to make the invisible visible. “Done with the optical illusion, long live the mental illusion”. He was greatly influenced by Paul Klee and Jean Dubuffet. In 1948 Guiette joined “L’art Brut”.

Shown is a beautiful colored gouache with mixed media on paper, by and signed by René Guiette and dated 25.05.51. A gouache is a painting made with opaque watercolor where the background is no longer visible, in contrast to a watercolor. In a mixed technique, gouache lends itself particularly well to a combination of gouache and pastel: Both mediums are very matt and the paint can complement the loose drawing-like style of the chalk with finer details or provide a colored background that is easy to draw. In the center of the work we see a sketchy house in a landscape. On the left side we see a stylistic leafless tree in black chalk, as well as on both sides of the house a tall tree with leafy crown, also executed in black chalk. This decor is made on a yellow to gold colored background, executed with gouache paint. Although rather “primitive”, a strikingly balanced mysterious elemental whole is obtained. At the bottom left the work is dated: 25.05.51. At the bottom right we see the name “R. Guiette”, in small letters and silver-coloured. The work is framed behind a passe-partout and behind glass to prevent the paper from curling up. The gilded frame is possibly of a later date.

Condition: very good.







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