Paris, France, extensive hard porcelain dinner set, shiny gold painting, 1st Empire style, ca.1830.
Paris, France, extensive hard porcelain dinner set, shiny gold painting, 1st Empire style, ca.1830.

Paris large porcelain dinner service approx. 1830



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After the French Revolution, many French porcelain manufacturers arose in Paris from 1800 onwards, which mainly applied the neoclassical style or Empire. This Parisian porcelain was characterized by a hard, dense granular snow-white pâte covered by a shiny translucent glaze. The painted enamel colors did not sink well into the glaze during the firing process and this was especially true for the thick painted gold which was palpable well but also easily faded with time. The pâte usually came from Limoges.

We present you an exceptionally hard porcelain dinner set made of a bright white hard heavy pâte and glossy translucent covering, only painted with a beautiful hand-painted shiny gold on the edges and on relief parts. At the bottom we sometimes see one proen which almost certainly indicates a Parisian origin. The large flat plates have three proons in the center. The service has a clear, sleek neoclassical Empire style, with some objects having a limited ornamentation applied in relief. This service is marked at the bottom of the large tureen with two parallel lines and shows the number “26” (?). The base is glazed at the bottom, except for the base ring. The base of the sauce bowls is not glazed. In theory, it could be a dinner service made by Jacob Petit, who made dinner service between 1830-1838, but not anymore. Many of his objects are not marked. The heavy dinner set consists of:

18 small round flat plates with gold-plated rim Ø 20 cm H 2.3 cm
14 large round deep plates with gilt rim, two with superficial hairline, 1 with deeper hairline Ø 23 cm H 3.5 cm
41 large round flat plates with gilded edge, one has a large hairline crack, one has several shards on the edge Ø 23.5 cm H 2.5 cm
2 large round saucers with gilt rim, one has a crack and chip on the rim, Ø 27.3 cm
2 very large octagonal plateaus with gilded edge L 41 cm W 28 cm H 5 cm
4 medium octagonal saucers with gilt rim, one with shard on the edge L 36cm W 25.2cm H 4cm
4 square octagonal bowls on an octagonal high base with gilded edges, one foot edge is damaged L = W 21.2 cm H 6.2 cm
4 elongated octagonal bowls on high octagonal base, gilded edges L 25.1 cm W 19.5 cm H 5.5 cm
1 large deep high octagonal bowl with gilded edges L = W 26.8 cm H 10.5 cm
added is 1 large coffee pot or chocolatier, handle in the shape of a swan neck with a fleur de lis motif at the bottom, S-shaped spout with mouth in the shape of an animal head, recessed round tronconic lid with pine cone handle, one superficial hairline H 28 cm W 20 cm
2 elongated saucepans in antique shape with raised swan neck handle with feathered motif, gilded edges, slightly curved edge, on octagonal raised base, unglazed base L 23 cm W 13.5 cm H 15.5 cm
1 large high octagonal tureen with octagonal lid in eight panels and with octagonal handle with octagonal flower in relief, and two handles in the form of relief feathered acanthus leaves, richly gilded. H 32cm L 41cm D 21.5cm; on the base at the bottom with the number “26. Perfect condition.
2 square octagonal bowls on octagonal base with octagonal pyramidal lid with octagonal handle with octagonal flower in relief. H 22 cm L = W 26.5 cm
Unsurprisingly, over time, the shiny gold has worn off or partially disappeared on several pieces. Others are completely original glossy gold plated in all their glory. If it is indeed a dinner service by Jacob Petit, this is a really great find and of museum quality.



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