Sabino Marius, France, art deco, oval opalescent shell-shaped dish, ca.1925.
Sabino Marius, France, art deco, oval opalescent shell-shaped dish, ca.1925.

Marius Sabino Paris dish

L 17.8 cm W 10.5 cm H 3 cm

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Marius Sabino, founder of the “Sabino Glass company”, was born in Sicily in 1878 but went to France at a young age. In 1925 he made opalescent glass with a higher concentration of arsenic with a blue hue and iridescence. He also made many busts of women and a large number of animals. This early glass had a softer, soapy feel to it. After the WWII, the arsenic content was reduced. Early on Sabino glass was marked with “Sabino France” if it was intended for export or with “Sabino Paris” if it was intended to be sold in France. “Verart” and “Vernoy” were two other trademarks that Sabino used in the 1930’s for the cheaper opalescent glass market. After WWII, he left the company in the hands of his cousin and adopted son Gripoix-Sabino. He himself died in 1961. By then the company was again using the molds he designed. No new designs were made. All output went to the U.S.A. In 1978 the entire factory was sold to an American agency operating under the name “Sabino Crystal Company” (SCC). However, the company is still located in France, as the moules were considered cultural heritage. This company still uses the old moules but produces poorly opalescent glass that goes to the U.S.A. is sent or ends up on ebay!
The object offered is a truly original early Sabino piece with subdued blue opalescence and a soft feel. It is an oval dish with multiple impressions in the glass. and thus resembles a shell. It is marked at the bottom of a bulge in the mold in capitals with “SABINO PARIS” and was thus clearly intended for the internal market and indicates an early quality product!

Condition is perfect except for two point-shaped defects on the edge of the piece, not really worth mentioning. This is a top object!



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